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SuperGaming CEO Shares Tips On Game Development, Says Made-In-India Battle Royale ‘Indus’ Coming Soon – News18

Battle Royale games is arguably the most popular genre of games in India.

In this exclusive interview, Roby John, CEO, SuperGaming, reveals how to get into game development and discusses the state of battle royale games in India.

The battle royale genre stands out prominently among all genres of games in India, thanks to the widespread appeal garnered by several games—including BGMI and Garena Free Fire, which have deeply engaged India’s youth. Additionally, there has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of Indian gaming content creators—largely driven by mobile gaming. And now, as the mobile gaming market matures, Indian developers like SuperGaming are taking charge and ensuring India is represented well it comes to gaming as a whole.

Shaurya Sharma from News18 Tech engaged in a conversation about the state of battle royale games with Roby John, the CEO, and founder of SuperGaming.

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The Pune-based developer is the brain behind the upcoming ‘Indo-futuristic’ battle royale game, Indus. During this discussion, we inquired about Indus’ current development status, the inspiration driving the game, and the prerequisites for entering the game development industry.

In our exclusive video interview, Roby revealed that Indus has made significant progress in its development cycle and “is at a point where they can predict the release date.” But prior to the official launch, gamers will get to experience the game’s closed beta stage—which is expected to be available around the time of the Indian festive season.

Furthermore, we asked Roby about the prerequisites of pursuing game development as a career. He emphasized that “listening to how games are made is one of the best educational learnings one can get.” And with the abundant learning resources available on the internet—he believes—one does not necessarily “need to go to a real college to do most of the things game developers do.” Nevertheless, he acknowledges the social benefits of attending college and obtaining a formal degree. Roby also highlights the importance of meeting like-minded developers and knowledge-sharing—as this collaborative engagement immensely enhances one’s skill set.

Roby offers further insights into the gaming industry’s landscape—particularly how battle royale games have matured and captured the attention of the Indian youth. For an in-depth understanding, you can find our discussion in our exclusive video on 1Up Gaming.

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