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Apple Watch: BIG change in battery performance, settings unveiled for Apple users; Check details


New Delhi: Apple is all set to extend the watch’s battery life with a new battery-saving mode in the next watchOS 9 upgrade. GSMArena says that the Control Center or settings menu can be used to manually activate the mode. According to the source, the recently introduced option will warn users when there has been a 10 percent battery remaining and immediately switches off after charging to 80 percent.

The most energy-consuming features, such as the always-on display, heart rate notifications, arrhythmia tracking, and heart rate and blood oxygen readings, will not be available in the battery-saving mode. The workout reminders facility will not work after enabling battery saving mode. (Also Read: Super Idea: Start your business with just Rs 2000 and earn up to Rs 4 lakh monthly; Check details)

If there isn’t an iPhone nearby that is connected to the watch, the mode will switch off Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, according to the source. In an effort to decrease battery aging, the tech giant launched an improved battery charging capability to its Apple Watch running watchOS 9 earlier this month. This feature would learn from users’ charging behaviours. (Also Read: Unbelievable! Samsung Galaxy F13 gets MASSIVE PRICE CUT from Rs 11,999 to Rs 740 on Amazon and Flipkart; Deets inside)

Similar to the iPhone version of the feature, it determines the ideal time to fully charge the battery based on usage patterns.

Along with this, Audible is now supported on Apple Watch. With Audible integration, customers won’t need to reach for their iPhones to listen to an e-book or podcast. They may use their Apple Watch to access the Audible material from any location, whether they are going for a run, going to the gym, taking the dog for a walk, or simply going outside without their iPhones.

By just touching on any Audible title in their Apple Watch interface, users may stream any title from the platform while simultaneously downloading it in the background for offline listening.

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