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Apple Unlikely To Have A ChatGPT Rival In Market Anytime Soon


Last Updated: April 28, 2023, 17:45 IST

Siri has been Apple's go-to voice assistant

Siri has been Apple’s go-to voice assistant

Apple is the surprising tech brand that has not made the headlines in the AI chatbot race.

Most tech companies are working steadfastly on their supposed ChatGPT-rival but one company seems to have escaped the headlines and that is Apple. The iPhone maker is now renowned for its capabilities in the AI segment, and Siri is a clear advocate of its limited use case.

But with ChatGPT becoming the in-thing in the market, and everyone wanting a piece of its prowess, Apple is unlikely to have anything ready in the Ai chatbot race, at least until 2024 as per reports.

Apple has a strong focus in the services and hardware segment but AI has not been its strongest suit, and according to details given in a report by The Information, Apple has found it hard to comply with the latest trends in AI and its plans to build a robust AI chatbot model has definitely taken a hit.

The report mentions that Apple’s approach towards AI has always been different, in fact, the company uses human inputs to develop Siri, its voice assistant, which tells you the level of optimisation that goes behind the scenes in Cupertino. It also shows that Apple realises the complexity of using AI chatbots and how its drawbacks can be catastrophic for a brand that is valued in trillions.

The report explains that Apple uses humans to edit and write the responses given by Siri, which goes against the ethos of general voice assistants that Google and Amazon among others have in the market. Now, the trouble of having humans listen to conversations is a clear breach of privacy, which Apple had to stop doing after an expose by the Guardian revealed these incriminating details.

But it would be unlikely that Apple will not have any plan for the AI chatbot. In fact, the report suggests by 2024, the company might have a potential rival to ChatGPT, Bard AI and more, which means iPhone and iPad users could probably look forward to these AI capabilities in the iOS 18 version or later.

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