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Apple Sold Millions Of iPhones In India During This Festive Season: These iPhone Models Were Popular – News18

Last Updated: October 20, 2023, 17:19 IST

Apple iPhone sales during the festive offers has been a hit in India

Apple launched the iPhone 15 series this year which has allowed people to grab the older models at special discounted prices.

Apple continues to make merry in India and most of the demand is coming for the older iPhone models in the country once again. That’s right, millions of people have bought the iPhone 14, iPhone and even the iPhone 12 models over the past few weeks thanks to the special festive online sales.

The details come via a report from Counterpoint Research that claims the iPhone sales crossed 1.5 million units during the first week of the festive sales this year that were available through Amazon and Flipkart.

It is clear that the premium segment is thriving in the country and many people now aspire to buy flagship phones that cost over Rs 40,000. The report also highlights that Apple saw multiple iPhone models being picked up unlike last year when the iPhone 13 was the best-seller during the festive sales.

The new iPhone 15 series has launched this year and it is likely to help Apple with a sales tab of over a million. But the appeal of buying the older iPhone models is undeniable and as we see every year, the trend has continued this year as well.

The new iPhones cost over Rs 70,000 but majority of the Indian premium smartphone market sits somewhere between Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000 which brings all of the older iPhone models in play. Apple has clearly given retailers and sellers the freedom to offer discounts on these iPhones which not only helps with clearing the stock but also gets them extra moolah into the kitty.

This is a clear win-win situation for the company which has a strong foothold in the premium arena. But Apple is not the only beneficiary from these sales as Samsung has also managed to find a space during the festive bonanza, as the report points out the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE seeing strong sales during the period. We’re sure to see the numbers of the new iPhone sales adding up to Apple’s quarterly figures when they are released in the coming months.

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