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Apple AirTag Helped Couple Get Back Stolen Car Within 2 Hours- Here’s How


New Delhi: According to news outlet WRAL, Apple AirTag assisted a US couple in finding their stolen car within hours. According to images from the doorbell camera, the burglars chose Leslie and Antar Muhammad’s Toyota Camry after an attempt to break into a neighbor’s car failed.

The couple from North Carolina was asleep when the criminals stole their automobile, and they didn’t realise it was gone until the next morning. However, the position of the car was quickly found thanks to Apple’s tracking tool AirTag. Following a report to the Cary police, the automobile was located within 2.5 hours at a parking lot about 12 miles from their house. (Also Read: Harsh Goenka Shares Clip of Newlywed Welcomed by Indian Navy Officers to Tribe- Watch Heartwarming Video)

By 11 a.m. on February 4, Cary police had detained three individuals who were minors with the assistance of police from Durham. (Also Read: CBI Books Ex-Finance Secy Arvind Mayaram for ‘Corruption’ in Supply of Currency Notes’ Security Thread)

According to Leslie, who was quoted by WRAL, the burglars chose the “wrong” car without realising it. The tiny, programmable tracking gadget, which resembles a button and was created by Apple as a key finder to aid individuals in recovering personal goods, is positioned in a covert spot that is not readily apparent, according to Antar.

“Just now, I visited Find My (app). I can zoom in and nearly perfectly identify the parking place, locate it with pinpoint accuracy “Antar gave news to Wral. The couple’s automobiles, baggage, and wallets all have AirTags. The Muhammads recommended people to be aware of technological changes and pick simple, reasonable choices to defend their homes and assets. They described their security system as the “greatest” security system and said it cost $100 for a set of four devices.

According to reports, two women who were trapped in British Columbia, Canada, last month were apparently saved by the Emergency SOS through satellite feature of the iPhone 14, which was introduced in November 2022. The women were on their way back to Alberta when an accident shut down the major roadway, according to a Times Colonist story.


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