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Amazon Alexa To Be More Interactive With ChatGPT Like Features


New Delhi: According to the Mashable website, Amazon is developing its voice assistant device to be bigger and better. Disney is just one of many potential joint ventures that Amazon is considering, along with Lego and other companies.

To power a newer, more advanced Alexa, Amazon is depending on a large language model (LLM) that was built internally in contrast, Microsoft’s Bing employs the model from OpenAI. In one illustration, Alexa is seen creating a bedtime story after an eight-year-old request that it creates a tale about “a cat and a moon.”

Furthermore, in typical ChatGPT fashion, it invents a whole narrative about “Mittens, the first cat to ever go to the moon.” In order to include the character of Olaf into the narrative, it also details the employment of an Echo Show camera that captures the young kid clutching an Olaf doll.

Amazon refers to its LLM as the Alexa Teacher Model, but a company representative told Insider that it’s developing bigger, “more generalized and capable” versions that will make Alexa “more proactive and conversational,” despite the fact that Alexa has reportedly been utilizing the Teacher model for a time.


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