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Xiaomi Could Replace MIUI With MiOS Platform For Mobile Devices – News18

Last Updated: October 10, 2023, 12:59 IST

Xiaomi could replace MIUI with MiOS for phones

Xiaomi has millions of devices running on MIUI version but soon that could be replaced with a new-look mobile platform.

Xiaomi could bring the MIUI version to an end in the coming years and move to a new platform called MiOS as per reports. The name is eerily similar to Apple’s iOS and macOS moniker and it seems Xiaomi is ready to take its Apple inspiration to a whole new level.

The details of MiOS are sketchy for the time being but the fact that Xiaomi is looking to change the name of the popular mobile platform suggests the company is planning for years ahead. The interesting part about the rumours of MiOS is that Xiaomi is unlikely to offer Android with its own skin again, instead, it is likely to work on an all-new platform for mobile devices similar to Huawei’s approach.

Xiaomi could develop this OS using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which should get people excited about the company’s plans in the software arena, something we have been hearing for a while. Xiaomi has already got the trademark for MiOS and a domain for its home market in China.

The company has a dual strategy with its mobile platform as it caters to the consumers in China differently compared to those in India and parts of Europe. For all we know, Xiaomi could limit the access to MiOS for users in China, similar to Vivo’s use of Origin OS in the Chinese market for a few years, while offering Funtouch OS in countries like India.

Xiaomi also knows that it doesn’t need Google’s apps in China to function, something that could work with a completely new mobile OS as well and Huawei has shown that it can be done. Xiaomi has not officially talked about MiOS and it is unlikely we’ll hear anything about the new platform right now. However, the company is tipped to launch the Xiaomi 14 series by the end of this year, and it is possible that MiOS could be announced at the event.

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