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WhatsApp Channel Feature Launched In India. What Is This And How To Use It?

New Delhi: WhatsApp announced that it has expanded WhatsApp Channels in more than 150 countries. Now, Indians can also create and connect through channels with others and share important updates. It’s a way for you to get updates from different organizations, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders in a private and secure manner, right within WhatsApp.

What Are WhatsApp Channels?

Think of WhatsApp Channels as a special way to get updates. These updates are separate from your regular chats, so they won’t clutter your messages. You can choose to follow different channels, like your favorite sports team or a celebrity, and get updates from them. Channels are separate from your chats, and who you choose to follow is not visible to other followers. 

Keeping Privacy Matters At Top

WhatsApp takes your privacy seriously. When you follow a channel, it’s private. Other followers can’t see who you’re following, and your personal information is safe.

WhatsApp Channels New Features:

WhatsApp is making Channels even better with some new features:

Enhanced Directory: Now, it’s easier to find channels that interest you. They are sorted by country, popularity, and activity level.

Reactions: You can show your feelings about updates using emojis. Don’t worry; your reactions won’t be visible to others.

Editing: Admins of channels can make changes to their updates for up to 30 days, and then they automatically disappear.

Forwarding: When you share an update with your friends or groups, it includes a link back to the channel so others can check it out too.

More to Come:

WhatsApp is just getting started with Channels. They plan to add more cool features based on what users like you want. Plus, in the future, anyone can create their own channel.


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