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This 20-Year-Old Techie, Was Once Intern At Google, Now Earns Rs 1.2 Crore Per Year By Just Working 1 Hour A Day

New Delhi: Tech sector employees are struggling to maintain their jobs as the sector is going through a layoff spree. On the other hand, a former Google intern has become the talk of the tech industry by amassing an impressive annual income of Rs 1.2 crore. Yes, you read it right. As per a report by Fortune, a techie earns an astonishing amount of Rs 1.3 crore per year by just working an hour per day.

Once this scenario unfolded, it started buzzing on social media platforms. As per the report, the techie is employed at Google.

What Do Reports Say?

A 20-year-old Google software worker said he works about one hour daily and makes roughly Rs. 1.3 crore annually. According to Fortune, the employee, Devon, received a sign-up bonus and anticipated receiving a year-end incentive also.

Devon said that he hadn’t yet opened his laptop when the publication spoke to him a little after 10 AM, despite the fact that he should be spending his days building code for Google’s tools and products. When asked whether he was worried about missing communication from his manager, Devon responded, “It’s not the end of the world — I’ll just get back to it later tonight.”

Devon explained his process to the publication, saying he starts each week by developing the code for “a decent part” of every task before handing it to his manager. That “basically guarantees” that the rest of the week will go without a hitch.

According to Fortune, 97 percent of Google employees say the company is a fantastic place to work, compared to 57 percent of employees at a typical US corporation. Google is well known for its wealth of perks, including a unique campus, complimentary lunches, and high salaries.

Devon knew he wouldn’t be working too hard if he got the job because he had interned with Google. Additionally, he was carefully understating how swiftly he worked rather than slacking off at work. Devon claimed that he finished writing all the code early during his internship, which allowed him to scrape together enough money for a week-long trip to Hawali.

The majority of individuals chose to work at Google because of the work-life balance and benefits, he told the publication, adding that if I wanted to work long hours, I would be a startup.

You could work at Apple, but software engineers tend to be Apple fans. They put in lengthy hours. However, most employees at Google are aware that what they are doing is a job, he said.

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