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Google Alerts Users That ‘Inactive’ Accounts Will Be Deleted If They Don’t Do This – News18

Google may begin purging inactive accounts from December 1. (Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash)

Google, after announcing a policy change in May, has started reminding users that their inactive accounts stand to be deleted starting December 1, 2023.

Google recently sent emails to its users to remind them to review the company’s ‘Account Inactivity Policy,’ which states that Google may delete an ‘inactive’ Google Account if it remains without any activity for a period of two years.

Google first conveyed in May that it would begin purging inactive accounts in December, and now, as that time draws near, Google is starting to remind users of what may happen. Ergo, per Google, all inactive accounts that have not been used for the last two years will qualify as eligible to be purged from December 1.

The search giant  also said  that it is taking steps to ensure that users are aware that their account is inactive and what will happen to it by sending them email notifications to their Google Account and even to their recovery email address, giving them the “opportunity to take action.”

Keeping Your Google Account ‘Active’

To keep your Google account active, Google notes that you must accomplish one of the following activities: 

  • Reading or sending an email.
  • Using Google Drive.
  • Watching a YouTube video.
  • Sharing a photo.
  • Downloading an app.
  • Using Google Search.
  • Using Sign in with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service.

What Called For The Policy Change

Google says that this move is primary for security reasons and to safeguard users. “We want to protect your private information and prevent any unauthorized access to your account even if you’re no longer using our services,” Google said in the email sent to users.

Accounts With YouTube Videos Won’t Be Deleted

There are some exceptions to this policy, one of which is uploading YouTube videos from your Google account. There are other exceptions as well, such as having gift card balance in your account, accounts with digital purchases, Google accounts with publicly published apps, and if that account manages a minor.

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