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Sony Reveals Slimmer PS5 With Optional Disc Drive: Price, Release Date, And More – News18

Sony has redesigned the PS5. (Image: Sony)

Sony has unveiled new, smaller, and lighter PS5 models, and now the digital variant comes with support for an attachable disc drive. Here are the details.

Sony has finally released a new updated PlayStation 5 with a smaller form factor after months of speculation that the gaming giant could launch something slimmer. However, it must be noted that Sony isn’t calling the new PS5 model Slim; instead, it is referring to it as just the new PS5 with a smaller size.

The new version of the console comes in two variants like the original model: a standard variant with a built-in disc drive and another digital-only console. But, as was rumored, Sony has now added the ability to add an optional 4K Blu-ray disc drive to the digital model if they want. Also, the new model comes with a default 1TB SSD—replacing the old 825GB SSD drive.

Sony claims that the new models—compared to the old ones—have reduced in volume by more than 30% and weight by 18% and 24%. Furthermore, unlike the OG PS5, which has two panels, there are now four separate cover panels, with the top panels in a glossy finish and the bottom two panels coming in a matte finish like the outgoing model.

Image: Sony

In addition, the disc drive for the digital model will be sold as a separate accessory for $79 (approximately Rs 6,500), giving users the ability to play their disc-based games library.

With that said, time and again, with different console generations, Sony has launched new slimmer, updated models—be it the PS2 Slim, the PS3 Slim, or the PS4 Slim. But this time around, while the size and weight differences exist, Sony has made few changes when it comes to design. This could be due to many reasons, such as having already established dominance with the PS5; it doesn’t want an unfamiliar-looking console out in the market.

When Is the New PS5 Model Launching?

Sony says that the new PS5 will make it to shelves starting this holiday season in November in the US. As and when the stocks for the current PS5 models deplete, the new PS5 will become the default SKU for Sony, and the old one will be discontinued.

As for the price, the new PS5 disc variant will cost $499, while the digital-only model will cost $449. The pricing and release information for India remains unclear at the point of time. 

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