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Say Goodbye to Passwords with Google’s New ‘Passkeys’ Feature; What Is It And How To Use It?

New Delhi: Google has announced to roll out ‘passkeys’ across Google accounts on all major platforms in order to provide users an easier and secure alternative to passwords. Remembering a password is a major challenge for netizens and most of them have to use forgotten password every time. Some keep very simple passwords in order to not forget them when they need them. But they can easily be hacked or decoded by hackers and scamsters.

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Passkeys will be an additional option that people can use to sign in, alongside passwords, 2-Step verification (2SV), etc.

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What Are Passkeys?

Passkeys are a new way to sign in to apps and websites. They’re both easier to use and more secure than passwords, so users no longer need to rely on the names of pets, birthdays or the infamous “password123.” 

“Passkeys let users sign in to apps and sites the same way they unlock their devices: with a fingerprint, a face scan or a screen lock PIN. And, unlike passwords, passkeys are resistant to online attacks like phishing, making them more secure than things like SMS one-time codes,” Google wrote in the blog.

It will be available as an option for Google Account users who want to try a passwordless sign-in experience.

How To Use Passkeys For Google Accounts?

You can use this link to set up your passkeys for your google accounts. For Google Workspace accounts, administrators will soon have the option to enable passkeys for their end-users during sign-in.

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