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Netflix, Amazon Target AI Experts; Jobs Offered With Rs 7 Crore Package – News18

Netflix is offering between $300,000 to $900,000 per year to suitable candidates.

Big tech companies like Netflix and Amazon are offering up to Rs 7 crores in remuneration for roles surrounding AI. Here are the details.

As AI becomes increasingly popular in Silicon Valley this year, tech giants like Netflix and Amazon are eager to hire AI experts for positions similar to those offered by OpenAI—the creator of ChatGPT.

With these roles, people skilled in AI can land offers of up to $900,000, which translates to over Rs 7 crore per annum. According to The New York Post, these positions are currently open in the United States. Specifically, Netflix is looking for employees to work on its Machine Learning Platform and measure its success. A college degree is not an official requirement for the job.

Moreover, the role is also quite versatile, with the option of working from the office (in Los Gatos, California) or remotely from home in the West Coast time zone. As for Amazon, the job offer by the company is for the role of a senior manager in applied science and generative AI, and Amazon is willing to offer as much as $340,300 per year.

“This role is focused on leading a science team focused on computer vision, latent diffusion models, and the related foundational models to produce generative imagery and videos,” Amazon’s job description reads.

The New York Post further notes that these figures would place the people who land these roles at Netflix and Amazon in America’s top 1% of earners. This suggests that AI-based roles are in demand, and those skilled in the trade can land lucrative roles—potentially even outpacing some of the most popular roles for making serious money.

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