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Google Is Testing A New AI Tool That Could Become Your Personal Mentor – News18


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Last Updated: August 17, 2023, 09:54 IST

Mountain View, California, USA

Experts believe A.I. could match humans very soon. (Representative image/Reuters)

Experts believe A.I. could match humans very soon. (Representative image/Reuters)

Google is said to be in the process of creating a new AI assistant to help users with advice and potentially even serving as a tutor.

With Google finally catching up to OpenAI’s ChatGPT through Google Bard, after the rival got a head start last year, the search giant is now looking to further expand its generative AI portfolio by launching new AI tools that could offer life advice to users.

Google’s AI teams—including Deepmind—are reportedly testing a new AI assistant that can perform “at least 21 different types of personal and professional tasks,” such as giving life advice, planning ideas, and even tutoring, according to The New York Times.

The publication suggests that Google may be trying to stay ahead of its competitors, such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI, Meta, and Amazon. Additionally, the company may want to start trusting AI with “sensitive tasks.”

Google has also reportedly hired Scale AI, a contractor working with the Google DeepMind team. According to two anonymous sources, the “assembled teams” responsible for testing the capabilities now include more than 100 industry experts with doctorates in different areas.

However, this new approach appears to contrast with the company’s stance—which was presented to Google executives in December—to avoid becoming emotionally involved with chatbots, as it could lead to a “loss of agency.”

The responsible team is testing the “assistant’s ability to answer intimate questions,” and even those about “challenges in people’s lives.”

The capabilities of this “personal” generative AI include the ability to answer deeply personal questions, such as how to tell a friend that you will not be able to attend their wedding.

“The project’s idea creation feature could give users suggestions or recommendations based on a situation. Its tutoring function can teach new skills or improve existing ones, like how to progress as a runner; and the planning capability can create a financial budget for users as well as meal and workout plans,” the New York Times reported. 

Google’s current PaLM 2-based chatbot—Google Bard is said to be barred from giving financial, medical and legal advice to its users, but this could be on the verge of changing as Google gradually develops the new ‘personal’ AI tools—but as always—the plans are subject to change. 


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