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iPhone Users Complain That iOS 17 Update Has Reset These Privacy Settings – News18

Last Updated: September 26, 2023, 17:32 IST

iOS 17 update is bringing some changes to the privacy settings.

iOS 17 update has brought new features for users but there are concerns as well after installing the new version for iPhones.

The new iOS 17 update on iPhone seems to have reset the privacy settings for users without their consent. The claims have been made by a couple of security researchers who say the iOS 17 update is primarily affecting two aspects of the privacy settings.

It is likely that the issue is a concern because Apple has been involved in the process and is looking into the possible reset that has been done after the new iOS update, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The researchers say that after the iOS 17 update has been installed on an iPhone, two settings linked to location and iPhone analytics are turned on which usually are disabled by the users or the company itself. Apple is generally vocal about its privacy policies and how it allows users to block tracking, ads and more.

But the fact that the iOS 17 update is resetting some of the privacy features is definitely a concern or it could just be a bug in the iOS version which is making this happen. Both these privacy features are linked to location data, where one of them could be shared with Apple with such data. We independently checked if these features were enabled on our iOS 17-running iPhones and they were. You can also do that on your iPhone by going to:

Privacy & Security – Locations Services – System services – Significant Locations and iPhone Analytics

Either way, it is good that Apple has confirmed the issue and we’re hopeful that users will be getting a fix for the problem in a quick patch that could be released soon. The new iOS 17 update has a lot of interesting features that are available to all iPhones launched after the Xr. You also have the iOS 17.0.2 update which offers seamless data transfer from your old iPhone to the new device, if you have bought any of the new iPhone 15 series models in the past week.

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