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Google Dark Web Report Now Available For These Users In India: What Is It And How It Works – News18

Last Updated: August 21, 2023, 15:23 IST

Google is bringing this useful tool for One subscribers in India

Google dark web report was introduced for Google One subscribers in the US region and now Indian users can also use the service.

Google One subscribers in India can finally access the dark web report. The report basically offers details on any possible data breach that includes their data such as name, phone number, email address and more.

Dark web is the ideal hub for illegal activities, as the details are hidden and hard to track for agencies. These benefits make it the platform where hackers post content like personal details for sale. Google’s feature lets the One subscribers get alerted if their data has been spotted on the dark web, and offers them the chance to track any real-time developments where their data is also posted by bad actors.

Google Dark Web Report: How Indian Users Can Use It

Google introduced the Dark Web Report for its One subscribers in the US earlier and now those paying for Google’s cloud and other services can also avail the feature. Google offers these users the option to manually feed data which they want to be tracked on the dark web, and inform them if the said data shows up while Google tracks the data.

Dark web has become the popular hub for nefarious activities, and even though it is hard to monitor transactions or data residing on the dark web, Google has devised new tools that can help you track the personal details that may show up on the dark side of the internet. Google One subscribers can use the Dark Web Report to analyse if their name, data of birth or up to 10 email addresses and 10 phone numbers have been spotted on the dark web.

If you have paid for Google One in India, you can head over to the Google One web or mobile app and click on start monitoring to use the service, as you can see here.

But in addition to the personal details, Google also offers you information on possible data dumps hosted by any hacker and helps them scan for any data that is relevant to the tracking parameters set by the user.

Google One Plans In India: Price And Benefits

Google One is available in India from Rs 130 per month, going up to Rs 650 per month that gives you 100 GB of storage and 2TB of storage, respectively. Other benefits include, access to Google experts, share account with up to 5 users, special Google Photos editing features and more.

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