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iPhone 15 Gift Scam Warning: Scammers Posing As India Post To Offer You New Phones – News18

Scammers are posing as India Post to ‘gift’ iPhone 15 units.

Be cautious of fraudsters posing as India Post, offering enticing gifts like iPhone 15 models in exchange for sharing a link with your friends and family on social media.

What if we told you that you could get an iPhone 15 from India Post as a gift after sharing a link with your friends? Sounds too good to be true, right? Because it is. As per an official post by India Post on X (formerly Twitter), cybercriminals are using IndiaPost’s name to scam people by asking them to share the scam page in five groups or with 20 friends, and in turn, they are promised a brand new iPhone 15 unit.

India Post has openly declared it a scam and isn’t affiliated with it. “Please be careful,” India Post posted on X. “India Post is not giving any kind of gift through any unofficial portal or link,” it added.

It isn’t clear as to what exactly the modus operandi of this scam is, but sharing unsolicited fake links on social media isn’t acceptable, and you must verify such claims before sharing them forward, and creating an even bigger problem—for both yourself and others.

Moreover, the more people users connect with, the more data scammers get—thereby allowing them to scam more people eventually. And, as this scam involves clicking foreign links, it can be used to redirect you to malicious websites and can lead to subsequent losses—both financial and emotional.

As a general rule of thumb, always verify such claims by visiting the official pages of the claiming authority, but more often than not, if something is too good to be true (such as a free iPhone 15 that costs Rs 79,900), it usually is. So avoid mindlessly giving in to such scams for the sake of safety of yourself and loved ones.

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