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Google I/O 2023: These Products Are Going To Be Unveiled Today At The Event

New Delhi: Google I/O 2023, the company’s largest annual event, is slated for tonight. At the event, Google is likely to unveil a wide range of goods, including intriguing hardware like the Pixel Fold and cutting-edge software like Android 14 and AI features. Here’s the list of the significant products that Google is most likely to unveil at the event.

Pixel Tablet

Almost all of the Pixel tablet’s specifications leaked online a few days ago. The device will include an 11-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, 8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage and will be powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chip. Additionally, it will support two 8-megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi 6, and the USI 2.0 stylus. (Also Read: Google I/O Event 2023: Top 5 Launches Expected From The Happening)

Google Pixel Fold

Finally, Google has officially announced that it will be releasing its first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold. More information is anticipated to be shared at Google I/O today after the device was teased in a tweet and a video on May 4. (Also Read: Google I/O Event 2023: Check Date, Time, How To Watch Live, And What To Expect)

Google Pixel 7a

Google’s newest low-cost flagship device, the Pixel 7a, is scheduled to go on sale in India on May 11. According to rumours, the phone’s design, camera, and Tensor G2 chipset all share similarities with the Pixel 7. A smaller OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 3.5mm headphone connection, and reduced pricing are just a few of the unique features of the Pixel 7a.

According to reports, the Pixel 7a will cost SGD 749 in Singapore, which is equivalent to about Rs 46,000 in India.

Google AI Features


Since I/O events focus on the company’s most recent software inventions, it stands to reason that Google will announce new inventive developments there. Google is now engaged in an AI arms race with Microsoft and OpenAI. A brand-new broad language model, Bard enhancements, and the company’s updated AI-driven search engine Magi have all been anticipated.

Android 14

The developer beta for Google’s upcoming mobile operating system has already begun, and the public release is scheduled for later this year, maybe in October. Even though it might not bring forth any revolutionary improvements, the update is anticipated to concentrate on privacy, security, performance, and additional customisation capabilities.


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