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Google Gives Makeover To Android Logo & Robot With 3D Touch – Take A Look At New Pics

New Delhi: Google has announced that it is updating its Android logo and 3D bugdroid to give a modern touch in order to align with it’s the open platform’s visual and brand identity. In the constant age of growth and vision, Google believed Android’s logo new visuals draw inspired from Material design to complement the Google brand palette will reflect individual passion, personality, and context.

The new updates will start appear very soon from this year as well.

“As the world’s largest operating system, Android’s open platform serves a diverse community of developers, device makers and users. And as we’ve grown — with over 3 billion Android devices worldwide — so has our vision. We believe our brand system and how we show up visually to the world as Android should reflect Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative and inclusive,” Jason Fournier, Director, Android Consumer Brand Management said in the Google blog.  

The first version of Android was launched in 2008 by Google. Due to its adaptability and open source, it has become a great hit among developers and tech companies. Since then, the company has been updating the open source platform to keep up with growing trend and demand and ahead of the competition.  

In the new update, Google is moving away from its longstanding lowercase stylization of ‘android’ and switching to capitalizing the ‘A’ in the Android logo. Moreover, the company adds more curves and personality unique to Android so the new Android stylization more closely mirrors Google’s logo and creates balance between two.

Android Constant Makeover

For the past few years, Google is constantly updating the look of its open source platform Android in order to keep pace and evolve with the community.

In 2019, it changed its logo to be more accessible and easier to read. Moreover, it moved away from the naming convention for Android releases from fanciful names such as Android Lolipop to simple number such as Android 14.

Android Logo Becomes Prominent Fixture

Google announced that it is giving the Android robot a new 3D look, reflecting the playfulness people have come to expect from it.

“The bugdroid — the face and most identifiable element of the Android robot — now appears with more dimension, and a lot more character,” the blog said.

“We’ve also updated the robot’s full-body appearance to ensure it can easily transition between digital and real-life environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts,” it added.  


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