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Google Could Soon Bring Dashcam Feature To Pixel Phones: Report

Android phones could double as dashcams soon. (Photo by Nicole Tarasuk on Unsplash)

Google accidentally released a ‘dogfood’ build of Personal Safety, featuring a new Dashcam feature for Pixel phones, enabling users to record video and audio while driving.

Pixel devices could potentially receive a Personal Safety update which will bring dashcam functionality to the phones. 

As spotted by 9to5Google, Google accidentally made available a ‘dogfood’ build of Personal Safety, identified as version 2023.04.27.532191641.8-dogfood, through the Play Store. 

In the new build, the publication discovered a new feature called ‘Dashcam’—which lets users record video and audio while driving. But, of course, you will need to correctly mount the phone in place to monitor the road, and in an unlikely event of a mishap, record valuable recording of what transpired.

Users can access the feature via the ‘Dashcam’ shortcut found in the ‘Be prepared’ section of the home page—providing a convenient way to view recorded dashcam footage and manually initiate recordings. The feature operates in the background—allowing users to continue using their phones without any disruptions to apps like Google Maps and more. Additionally, users have the option to lock their phones while the dashcam recording runs in the background.

Users can also enable automatic recording when their phones connect to specific Bluetooth devices, such as car stereos but the recorded videos are automatically deleted after three days, unless users choose to save them. These videos occupy approximately 30 MB per minute of footage, with a maximum recording duration of 24 hours.

While it remains uncertain whether this feature will remain exclusive to Pixel phones or expand to other Android devices, considering its advanced stage of development, a potential launch could be on the horizon.

In present times, dashcams have become an indispensable requirement for people who frequently hit the road. With the escalating number of accidents and the growing significance of documenting our daily drives, whether it’s for daily commuters or road trippers, a dashcam plays a vital role.

However, it is worth noting that high-quality dashcams can be expensive, and not everyone is willing to allocate funds for an accessory that some might deem unnecessary, but this is exactly where using your Android device as one—might come in handy.

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