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Gmail Tips: Want to get rid of promotional mail or send a secure email? Five Gmail tricks you should know


Google’s Gmail was launched to the public in 2004 and since then, the email platform has evolved to become better. While Gmail has over 1.8 billion users worldwide, in India, its users are in crores. If you are a Gmail user, do you also get irritated due to frequent promotion emails in your inbox? Do you want to send secret information via mail but want to keep it secure as well? We bring you five Gmail tips to help you utilise the Google mail service at its best: 

Email CC: How do you CC someone in the mail? By clicking on the CC option on the right side of the To section. But do you know that you can go to the CC option using a keyword shortcut? Yes, it’s true and the keyword shortcut is CTRL (or Command) + Shift + C, don’t believe me? Hit your keyboard to check for yourself.

Confidential Mail: Do you know that you can secure your mail using the confidential mode feature of Gmail? A confidential mail cannot be copied, printed, forwarded or downloaded by the recipient. To enable confidential mode, click on the ‘Lock’ symbol while creating new mail. You can secure the mail by setting an expiration date for mail and even setting a passcode for opening the mail. 

Undo Emails: Gmail allows you to set a duration for ‘undo’ emails. Just go to settings and click on see all settings, and in the Undo send section, select cancellation time for sent emails. 

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Avoid Promotional Mails: You can create a Gmail filter that will automatically weed out incoming emails having the word ‘unsubscribe’ and send them to a new folder as set by you. All you need to do is to search for ‘unsubscribe’ in Gmail, click on advanced search > click on create filter > select skip the inbox and select a label where you want the emails to go.

Schedule an email: Want an email to get delivered around some specific time? You can schedule an email time by clicking on the up arrow next to the send button. Once you click on the arrow that represents ‘schedule send’, you can set a date and time as per your requirement.


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