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Apple Could Launch An Affordable Version Of Mixed Reality Headset: Report

Last Updated: February 27, 2023, 08:30 IST

Mixed Reality is Apple’s next main focus

Apple could showcase its first-gen XR headset this year but it is already planning for the future.

Apple is reaching the final stages before announcing its first-ever Mixed Reality headset this year. The device is expected to be part of the WWDC 2023 lineup as per reports and it is not going to be cheap with a $2000 to $3000 price tag mooted.

But a new rumour suggests Apple could have another Mixed Reality (XR) headset in the pipeline that will be affordable and be part of its the next-gen devices in 2025.

The details come via Ming-Chi Kuo, Analyst with a good track record of Apple news. Kuo claims that Apple will have one version first, and the successor will have a high-end and a low-end model, allowing Apple to widen its audience with the XR device that will be accessible to more people.

The strategy of having two-thronged devices in the XR ecosystem doesn’t come as a surprise, especially with how the company has expanded its iPhone and iPad lineup over the years. Apple realises that with multiple products in the same category, it can earn higher returns with the pricier model, while keeping the business people happy with better volumes. The iPhone and the iPhone Pro lineup comes straight to our mind.

Coming back to the XR segment, Apple is developing the realityOS platform for the device that will be given to the developers for testing, who can then create applications that will make the hardware effective.

Having the product and the platform at a developer conference is the best way to engage with the best of minds and also work on any shortcomings that are observed during their tests. Apple is really betting big on the XR ecosystem, and is billed as the next major innovation to come out of the Steve Jobs Center.

Over the years, virtual and augmented reality have been the pitches from companies, but since it is hard to justify the added cost of a hardware, XR could be the ideal gateway for the technology to prosper, and Apple will be hoping that all the effort works to its benefit.

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