You are currently viewing AI Chatbot Interviews UK PM Rishi Sunak & Tech Titan Bill Gates | Watch

AI Chatbot Interviews UK PM Rishi Sunak & Tech Titan Bill Gates | Watch

New Delhi: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were interviewed by an AI Chatbot at Imperial college of London on various aspects including future, innovation, technology and AI. Gates shared the video on his Twitter and Instagram handles and said it ‘bright’. He and Sunak were answering the questions posed by AI Chatbot.

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It shows in the video that both of them were given questions one by one. The first question was asked to Bill Gates: How do you think technology will impact the global economy and job market in the next 10 years? He replied that we clearly need to be patient as there’s labour shortage in health care and education. And in low income countries don’t have enough doctors and nurses. Hopefully, he added, the technology like AI helps us to be more efficient.

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The second question was asked to Rishi Sunak: What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve ever received and how has it influenced your career and approach to life? Sunak replied that the best quote he ever received in life was ‘it’s nice to be an important but it’s more important to be nice’. It means treating people with kindness, empathy and loving.

For the next question asked by AI: If you could go back in time and speak with your younger self at the beginning of your career, what advice you would give yourself and how would you approach your work differently? Bill Gates replied that he was very intense to himself and would suggest to let it down a little bit. Sunak agreed with it and added, it’s better to live little bit in the moment.

AI asked: What’s one thing that AI can do for you? Bill Gates said AI could make notes and other menial stuff for him.

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