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YouTube Music Launches AI Incubator, Partners With Universal Music – News18

YouTube will work with artists to gather insights about AI’s role in music.

YouTube is exploring how generative AI fits into the music industry by launching its Music AI Incubator. Read more for all the details.

YouTube is developing an ‘AI framework’ and launching the YouTube Music AI Incubator by working with its music partners such as Universal Music to identify how generative AI can be a part of the music industry moving forward. 

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan said that they’re coming up with “three fundamental AI principles” to enhance music creatively, while also protecting music artists and the integrity of their work.

YouTube’s first principle is that AI is here to stay, and they must embrace it. That is why the Alphabet-owned platform is launching the YouTube Music AI Incubator. 

it will also start working with artists around the world—including Universal Music. The artists and creatives will also help “gather insights on generative AI experiments and research that are being developed at YouTube.”

YouTube’s second principle is to protect the work and artists themselves. It will continue to build on this promise by using Content ID and other tools to protect artists and ensure creative expression in the AI age.

Finally, YouTube’s third AI principle states that it applies the same trust and safety safeguards to AI-generated content as it does to other content—and will not allow technically manipulated content that misleads viewers by promoting false information.

Meta, too, recently integrated generative AI in its AudioCraft AI tool. Powered by its Llama 2 LLM, it lets users generate “high-quality, realistic audio and music from text” and the tool is divided into three models: AudioGen, MusicGen, and EnCodec.

AudioGen generates audio from text prompts based on public sound effects, while MusicGen does the same thing but with music licensed by Meta. The EnCodec decoder—on the other hand—allows for higher quality music generation with fewer artifacts.

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