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XPro Now Behind Paywall, Asking People To Get X Blue Subscription – News18

Last Updated: August 16, 2023, 15:03 IST

XPro is the new name for TweetDeck which is now a paid feature

XPro is the rebranded name for TweetDeck which has now become a paid feature under X Blue for users.

TweetDeck which is now called XPro has finally gone behind paywall, which means people using the platform will have to subscribe to X Blue service to start using XPro once again.

The new XPro name appears when you sign out of the account but just like Twitter, the website URL remains unchanged. TweetDeck or XPro is a reliable tool for people to manage and track multiple profiles on the same screen.

X Blue subscription has been around before the X-branding of Twitter started earlier this year. Most people haven’t been convinced about spending money on X but now XPro is also part of the package, those views are changing, which is good news for Musk and his X Corp as they look to increase the revenues for the platform. Since XPro is now part of the X Blue service, people in India can pay Rs 650 on web and Rs 900 on mobile per month to use the feature.

Elon Musk is clearly intent with his X revolution of Twitter, moving beyond social media with the platform. Musk has previously indicated his interest to build an everything app with the name X, and it seems that the new version of Twitter is headed in that direction.

The whole reason to rebrand Twitter as X also seems like a plan to move away from the legacy of the platform, giving it a new identity which helps with further advancement of services that X could provide through the platform. XPro is the latest addition to the paid armoury for X, and by the looks of it, people might finally be tempted to pay for the platform, which will invariably vindicate Musk’s decision to cut the free supply of XPro for users.

While the rebranding moves at a fast pace, Musk is also busy engaging with Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in the hope to finally have the cage fight between these two tech giants. Most people believe that the fight is another of Musk’s ploy to be in the news and he is seriously not going to fight Zuckerberg.

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