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Will AI And Robots Take Away Your Jobs? US Career Institute Lists 65 Professions Having Lowest Risk of Automation

New Delhi: The fear of AI and Robots disrupting the traditional way of living is perceptible among the people since the advent of Artificial Intelligence. The applications of AI such as ChatGPT have taken the Internet by storm, enamoured people across the regions with its advanced and sophisticated abilities to give answers on prompts, make a conversation like human-like, understand vague questions, and produce creative content. Many of these things were impossible before for a computer.

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The launch of new version of Generative AI called ‘GPT-4’, which is more sophisticated, creative, and able to handle complex prompts, has exacerbated the fear among humans on several existential possibilities. It’s just the beginning of the AI. Tech titans have clashed to produce more advanced and developed AI bot in order to grab the dominance of the market. Microsoft integrated ChatGPT in it’s search engine ‘Bing’ while Google announced to bring its AI ‘Bard’ in coming months. These are few developments that have been going around AI and Robots in the world.

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When asked from GPT-4 to list down 20 jobs that it can potentially replace in near future. It listed down 20 jobs including Date Entry Clerk, Customer service Representative, Proofreader, Paralegal, Bookkeeper, Translator, Copywriter, Market Research Analyst, Social Media Manager, Appointment Scheduler, Telemarketer, Virtual Assistant, Transcriptionist, News Reporter, Travel Agent, Tutor, Technical Support Analyst, Email Marketer, Content Moderator, and Recruiter.

New Chatbot ‘GPT-4’ To Take Away Your Jobs? Check 20 Professions That Are Under Threat

Some of the human traits that can be replaced by GPT-4 are research and organisation, mathematical skills, language proficiency, creativity and writing, analytical skills, content creation and curation, persuasion and communication, listening and typing skills, fact-checking and writing, critical thinking and judgment, interviewing and assessment and so on.

US Career Institute Allaying This Fear

US Career Institute has listed down 65 jobs that have the lowest risk of automation by Artificial Intelligence and Robots.

Some of them are: Choreographers, Mental Health Counselor, Art, Drama, And Music Teachers, Psychiatrists, Orthotists and Prosthetists, Athletic Trainers, Nurse Practitioners, Coaches and Scouts, Physicists, Civil Engineers, Dentists, Paramedics, Anthropology, Firefighters, Directors, Neurologists, CEOs, Dermatologists, so on.  

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