You are currently viewing WhatsApp’s new feature to help desktop users protect chat screens using password

WhatsApp’s new feature to help desktop users protect chat screens using password


WhatsApp is working on a feature that will help users enhance their privacy and secure chat data in case they are not using the device. WhatsApp will make it possible by ensuring password protection. At present, if you are using WhatsApp on a desktop, your app remains open and if you leave your desktop unattended and unlocked, anyone can see your chats. To weed out this issue and ensure greater privacy, WhatsApp is rolling out password protection for its desktop app.

According to WABetaInfo website which tracks upcoming WhatsApp features, WhatsApp is developing the lock screen option for a future update of WhatsApp Desktop beta users. Once enabled, a password will be required to log in to the WhatsApp desktop app every time a user opens the application. The feature is useful especially if you share your PC with other people. 

Users will get the option to enable the feature and they may opt to not do so as well. According to the report, users will have more control over the feature as they can choose when the app should require the password. In case if a user loses the password, he/she will need to log out of the app and log into WhatsApp Desktop again by linking their device with the QR code.

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The feature is under development and will be rolled out for beta testers first before the public launch. 

WhatsApp has recently launched many new features that include WhatsApp Community, an increase in the number of group participants and the option to create a link for audio/video calls. WhatsApp is also releasing the ability for users to allow them to share media with captions.


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