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WhatsApp Video Calls Now Support Picture-in-Picture Mode On iPhones

Last Updated: February 20, 2023, 07:30 IST

WhatsApp video calls now have this feature

WhatsApp introduced the feature on beta version last year and now everyone is getting it.

WhatsApp has finally released the picture-in-picture mode for all iPhone users this week. This feature basically lets iOS users make WhatsApp video calls in this mode, allowing them to minimise their call screen and do multiple things at the same time.

The PiP support was first offered in the WhatsApp iOS beta version in December, and now the public release is available for everyone. PiP has been available on apps like Google Meet and Zoom for quite some time and now WhatsApp is finally offering the support as well. Other apps like Swiggy and YouTube have also made themselves compatible for the PiP mode along with Google Maps.

To experience this new feature, iPhone users need to have models running the iOS 12 version or later and also update WhatsApp on their iPhone.

In addition to the PiP support, WhatsApp has also offered a couple of new features that will surely come in handy for iPhone users. WhatsApp on iOS now allows you to add captions before sending documents as well, something you have always had for images and videos.

For those with a lot of Groups on WhatsApp, the messaging app now allows you to write longer group descriptions so everyone joining the group can understand its context. And the last feature rolling out is to create personalised avatars that can be used as profile photos or sent as stickers.

The start of the year has been quite exciting for WhatsApp and all mobile as well as PC users of the messaging app have seen new additions in just two months. Android users will be hoping to get PiP mode for video calls on WhatsApp in the coming months, and it is possible WhatsApp will add more interesting tools to make video calling easier and intuitive at the same time for its users.

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