You are currently viewing WhatsApp Users ALERT! Check-in few clicks if you are being SPIED upon

WhatsApp Users ALERT! Check-in few clicks if you are being SPIED upon


New Delhi: Whether at work or at home, WhatsApp has emerged as the top communication tool. The app is also among the most popular in the entire world for instant messaging. With the passage of time, WhatsApp’s features are getting better every day. The company has long offered WhatsApp online and multi-device support services. Users are finding these features to be very helpful.

It has two sides, just like every coin. These capabilities frequently allow someone to read your messages or keep an eye on you. The victims of this have been numerous throughout the world. But how can one know if someone is keeping an eye on them? Find out how to know this in the simplest and quickest method possible by reading on.

It is quite simple for your friends, family, or any other close friend to monitor your WhatsApp communication. All they need to do is borrow your phone for a little so they can take a few pictures. Do you want to discover what you can accomplish in a few clicks? Here is the solution.

The possibility of hacking does not always exist. With WhatsApp’s web or multi-device support feature, someone can view your chats without hacking. You can use WhatsApp on several devices with the help of these capabilities. In order to use WhatsApp Web, the main device must be connected to the internet, but this is not necessary when using the multi-device support feature.

If someone once gets your phone they can use your WhatsApp without your permission.

How to check whether your messages are read by others or not?

– Open your WhatsApp app.

– Click on the three dots available in the upper right corner of the app.

– Click on the Linked device option.

After clicking on the option, you will get the list of devices where your WhatsApp is logged in.

How to avoid this?

With the use of additional security features, you will be rid off. Another way is after clicking on the Linked device option, you will get lists of devices where your WhatsApp is logged in. You can also log out from there.



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