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WhatsApp Self-Message Feature Now Rolling Out For Users In India: Here’s How It Works


WhatsApp has confirmed that the self-message feature is coming to all users in India. The feature will be made available via an update which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. WhatsApp is calling this feature, “message yourself” and basically, it will allow WhatsApp users to message themselves, which comes in handy while keeping notes. The update isn’t available to everyone from day one, and WhatsApp suggests users to wait over the coming weeks to see if the feature works for them.

WhatsApp Message Yourself Feature: How It Works

Once your WhatsApp version has got the update, you will see the option Message Yourself, follow these steps to make use of this feature:

– Open WhatsApp

– Click on New Chat (message icon) from the bottom-right of your phone’s screen

– You will see the contact list to message or message a person using their QR Code

– After the update, your WhatsApp account will show your mobile number to message as well

– Click on the number and draft a message that can be saved as a post or reminder

It is understandable that people are wondering why WhatsApp would want users to message themselves, but the whole point of this feature is allowing people to bookmark websites, and take notes on the messaging app itself. Most of you rely on messaging friends for such notes right now, asking them to ignore the content shared in their chat box.

This way, you don’t need to use another app for taking notes. The term message yourself can be deceiving, as it basically lets you save content just like how you do with draft messages.

Earlier on Monday, WhatsApp denied the allegations of a data breach at its end. It said the phone number is part of a scrape and the screenshots shared in the report are not strong enough evidence to suggest the platform had a leak.

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