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Watch | Ahmedabad Man Waits 17 Hours In Line To Get First iPhone 15 From Indias First Apple Store In Mumbai

New Delhi: The buzz reached its crescendo among Apple enthusiasts in India as the ‘Made-In-India’ iPhone 15 series made its debut in the country today. The two Apple stores, located in Mumbai and Delhi, witnessed a massive rush of eager customers this morning.

One customer from Ahmedabad waited 17 hours in line to get the first iPhone from the Apple store in India. This dedicated fan mentioned that he had traveled all the way from Ahmedabad to Mumbai to make this historic purchase at India’s inaugural Apple store in BKC Mumbai.

“I’ve been here since 3 pm yesterday, standing in line for a remarkable 17 hours,” the man shared with ANI. “My purpose is to become the proud owner of the first iPhone from India’s very first Apple store.”

He went on to reveal that he had pre-ordered the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the elegant white titanium finish, opting for the 256 GB model. Additionally, he had chosen to accompany his new iPhone with the latest Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the new AirPods. When asked to comment on Apple as a brand, he couldn’t hide his excitement and simply said, “It’s the best.”

Another enthusiastic customer named Vivek, who was hoping to be the first to collect his new iPhone 15 Pro, arrived at the Apple BKC store at 4 am this morning. However, he was pleasantly surprised to find that another customer had already secured the coveted spot in the queue.

“But I’m still delighted that I’m getting my new iPhone 15 Pro. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment all year,” Vivek expressed.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of Delhi, another Apple fan named Rahul had the distinction of being the first customer to purchase an iPhone 15 from the company’s Saket store.

“It was an incredible experience. I had been in line since 4 am and was able to purchase the phone,” Rahul recounted to ANI. “I’ve always had top-of-the-line phones. I currently own an iPhone 13 Pro Max and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. When the 15 series was announced, I was determined to get the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I wanted it before anyone else.”

The launch of the iPhone 15 in India clearly brought immense joy to Apple enthusiasts across the country, as they eagerly embraced the latest offerings from this iconic brand.

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