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Twitter Blue In India Costs More On Android Than PC: Here’s Why


Last Updated: February 09, 2023, 17:36 IST

Twitter Blue on mobile costs more than PC

Twitter Blue on mobile costs more than PC

Twitter Blue offers you the edit tweet button, ability to upload 1080p videos and more. But why does it cost more on mobile?

Twitter Blue is making its way to India for both PC and mobile users this week. Elon Musk has revamped the subscription service since he took over the platform in October last year, which meant that more countries were offered Twitter Blue, including India.

Having Twitter Blue will help people get the verified badge (*blue tick) for their account, and a slew of other benefits, including less number of ads showing up on the Twitter Feed.

But the biggest surprise that has come about with this development is the price of Twitter Blue subscription in India. Twitter is asking users to pay Rs 900 per month on Android and iOS while those getting Twitter Blue for their account on the web version pay Rs 650 per month. So why is there a Rs 250 difference in the subscription price for Twitter Blue between web and mobile?

While Twitter has not given the exact reason for the higher price, it is possible that Elon Musk and Co. have factored in the 30 percent commission that both Google and Apple charge for the apps hosted on their respective app stores.

Musk has repeatedly shown his displeasure with this strategy, calling it Apple/Google tax. Twitter launching Blue with different price bands on these devices seems like Musk has kept the additional cost in mind, thereby suggesting that people would be better off buying the subscription via the web version.

Having said that, we are not sure if Twitter will offer the verified badge and other benefits of Twitter Blue to the same user on their mobile app. The new-look Twitter Blue made its debut last year and is priced $11 for users in countries like the US.

Many believed that Musk will have a different pricing strategy for markets like India, but having Twitter Blue for Rs 900 per month, like many have said, is costlier than the 4K UHD premium Netflix plan in the country.

Twitter Blue offers the verified badge, promises to show you only 50 percent of ads soon, amplifies your profile reach and tweets to a wider audience. You will also get to tweet with 4000 characters (in some countries for now) and upload full-hd videos. You can also edit tweets and get access to the beta features.

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