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Tim Cook Reveals Why It Makes Sense For Apple To Launch New iPhones Every Year – News18

Apple believes it is a great thing that people have an option to buy new iPhones every year.

Tim Cook has revealed why it makes sense for Apple to launch new iPhones every year, and what it does with old iPhones.

It has been over a month since the iPhone 15 series launched at Apple’s Wanderlust event, and a discussion has since arisen as to whether it is worth upgrading from the iPhone 14 series models—particularly the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro. However, it is worth noting that this sentiment occupies a significant portion of user discussion every year when new iPhones launch—whether in reviews or user feedback.

The same thing happened when the iPhone 14 Pro launched with the Dynamic Island, and people wondered if it was worth upgrading for the Dynamic Island, and likely, the same will happen in the future. Although Apple leadership in the past has stated that iPhones are built to last for a long time, Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently shared his thoughts on whether it makes sense to purchase a new iPhone every year.

In an interview with Brut, Tim Cook stated that he believes it is a positive thing that people who want to upgrade their iPhones have the option to do so. “I think having an iPhone every year for those people who want it is a great thing,” Cook told Brut.

Cook went on to say that Apple allows users to trade in their iPhones. If the phone is still working, Apple resells it. However, if the phone is no longer functional, Apple disassembles it and uses the parts to make new iPhones. While this does not directly answer the question of whether users should upgrade their iPhones every year, it does provide some insight into Apple’s way of working and what it exactly does with old iPhones that are traded in.

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