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This Password Manager Has Made Its Mobile Apps Open Source: What It Means


Last Updated: February 07, 2023, 08:00 IST

Dashlane is taking the right decision

Dashlane is taking the right decision

Passwords managers allowing developers to scrutinise the apps will help them make it stronger and secure.

Password managers have become critical for millions as the digital libraries expand and this week we are hearing news about one such company opening up its platform to other developers. Dashlane is familiar to many and the company has decided to open source its Android and iOS apps.

The source code of the apps is available on GitHub which encourages other developers to experiment and partner with the password manager for different applications. Dashlane shared this update via its blog post.

The company says all the updates done via this project will be shared on a quarterly basis and will improve as the internal processes get better.

Password managers mostly need air-tight security to attract customers and the whole objective of open sourcing the apps is to build a robust security platform with the help of the developer community.

In addition to enabling scrutiny of the platform, Dashlane is hopeful that other developers can take a peek into the source code of its applications and build similar products for the betterment of digital security. Interestingly, Dashlane is not offering the macOS and Windows app for open source, and even the mobile apps are getting accessed by select developers as of now.

Recently LastPass confirmed multiple data breaches, one of which might have exposed user credentials as well. The company talked about the vulnerability which allowed attackers to leak the master key. It is likely that companies like Dashlane are now adhering caution and open sourcing is a step in the right direction.

LastPass, which counts more than 25 million users, works by aggregating the hundreds of passwords consumers and corporate users need to log into their social media accounts, business networks, online retailers and more.

Security professionals routinely recommend using a unique, complex password for each and every website a person visits, so password managers like LastPass play an increasingly important role in keeping people’s data safe online.

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