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THIS iPhone is Selling at the Price of Mercedes Benz- Deets Inside

New Delhi: iPhone sets trends whether it is specs, camera, price, and more. This time it sets a new trend. A tattoo artist is selling her old iPhone 7 at auction for $50,000, which is equivalent to a Mercedes Benz SUV. In 2007, Apple released the iPhone 7 with a $599 price tag as its initial offering.

The first-of-its-kind smartphone included online browsing, a touch screen, and a 2MP camera. The original iPhone 7 is presently being bid on for around $18,505, according to the auction listing website. $50,000 is the anticipated sale price prior to the closure. (Also Read: SBI vs PNB vs HDFC vs BoB: Latest Home Loan Interest Rate Compared)

The deadline for bids is February 19. A total of 16 bids have been submitted thus far. On February 12th, the last one was created. You might be asking why a 16-year-old iPhone is being sold at such an astronomical price at this point. The device is unpacked, which is why. Even the phone’s box’s plastic cover is still in tact. (Also Read: ‘People Not Losing Jobs in India…’: MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar Amid IT Layoffs)

Karen Green, a tattoo artist, received an Apple iPhone 7 as a present. To commemorate her first employment, her friends gave it to her. She never opened it though because she had already bought a smartphone at the time.

The smartphone is bound to AT&T’s no longer operational US network. Unfortunately, whoever purchases the device might not be able to use it like a typical phone. He will, however, possess an old Apple product.

The iPhone 15 series will feature a USB Type-C port, according to Apple. The corporation is currently aiming to limit Type-C ports in the same way as lightning ports, claims a Macrumours report.

According to the rumour, the USB-C connector on the iPhone 15 and the charging cords that go with it will have a Lightning-like authenticator chip, potentially limiting their compatibility with third-party peripherals not endorsed by Apple.

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