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This First-Gen Sealed iPhone Goes For Rs 52 Lakh At Auction: All Details

Last Updated: February 21, 2023, 08:00 IST

iPhone first gen was a big hit (Image used for representation)

Apple launched the first iPhone back in 2007 when it supported 3G networks and sold for around Rs 50,000.

Apple iPhones have become a status symbol over the past decade since it came out. Millions still aspire to own an iPhone, because of what it means. But that doesn’t only apply for the newer models, in fact, iPhones tend to be a popular pick at various auctions as well.

What if we told you that a first-gen iPhone sold for a whopping Rs 52 lakh in one of the auctions recently? Well, we are not kidding.

This first-gen iPhone was factory-sealed, which means it was completely packed in the manufacturing box, and some lucky chap decided that it is worth more than half a crore. The first-gen iPhone model is from 2007 and it actually went for $63,356 (Rs 53 lakh approx) over the weekend.

Now when you look at the specs and the design of the iPhone, most of you would be bewildered about someone splurging that much on this model. But that’s the novelty Apple brings to the table, especially making it an ideal collector’s item, like those vintage paintings and artefacts. This first-gen iPhone offers 8GB storage and it was launched for $599 (Rs 48,000 approx) back in 2007.

As for the auction, this iPhone model went into bidding with a starting price of $2,500 (Rs 2.06 lakh), which itself is quite extraordinary. The fact that it went for 4 times that price tells you how much an old packed iPhone could fetch at these auctions.

The phone belongs to Karen Green who got it from a friend as a gift 15 years ago. Reports say the phone was apprised in 2019 for an estimated price of $5,000 and then it went for the auction. Green has decided to use the funds from the auction to start a new business venture.

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