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Starfield To Receive Much-Requested Features Like NVIDIA DLSS, Brightness Slider Soon – News18

Starfield is Xbox’s flagship title for this year. (Image: Xbox)

Bethesda has acknowledged some of the widely reported shortcomings of Starfield and has stated that the publisher is working on bringing highly-requested features in the near future.

Xbox and Bethesda launched their space exploration RPG Starfield earlier this month. The game received mostly positive reviews, but some publications and players criticized its lack of key features, such as brightness and contrast sliders, DLSS support on PC, and HDR calibration. The developers have since acknowledged these shortcomings and have stated that they will be added to the game in future updates.

“Our priority initially is to ensure that any top blocker bugs or stability issues are addressed, and we are adding quality-of-life features that many are asking for,” Bethesda said.

So, Bethesda has now released a new hotfix targeting some of the most commonly reported issues and bugs with Starfield. But the developer is expected to introduce top-requested features, including Brightness and Contrast controls, an HDR Calibration Menu, an FOV Slider, Nvidia DLSS Support for PC, and 32:9 ultrawide monitor Support for PC in the near future.

Moreover, the developers state that they are closely collaborating with AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA to issue driver updates aimed at improving performance and stability.

In addition, Bethesda is also working on bringing built-in mod support (Creations) to all platforms—PC and Xbox—delivering an experience similar to what they accomplished with Skyrim and Fallout 4. This feature is expected to be integrated into the game early next year.

Starfield was launched on September 6, 2022 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. The game is available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. But if you wish to purchase the game outright, the standard edition costs Rs 6,499 on Xbox Series X/S and Rs 4,999 on PC.

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