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Sony INZONE H9 Review: Ultimate Wireless Gaming Headset For PS5 & PC Players?


As a dedicated console and PC gamer, I have been searching for the perfect pair of low-latency wireless headphones. After trying numerous wired and wireless options, including Sony’s own Pulse 3D, I discovered the Sony INZONE H9—the latest premium wireless headphones from Sony. These headphones offer a truly exceptional experience, providing not only comfort for extended gaming sessions, but also unparalleled sound quality at a price point of under Rs 30,000.

While there are a few minor issues, they do not detract from the overall exceptional performance of the INZONE H9. Read on for our full review of these headphones and discover the impact they can have on your gaming routine.

Using the Sony INZONE H9 is a blissful experience with the PS5. (Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma)

Sony INZONE H9 Wireless Headphones are ideal for both Competitive and Story-Driven Games on the PS5 and PC

The Sony Inzone H9 headphones can be used for both PC and PS5 gaming. They also have a minimalist design that complements the aesthetic of the PS5 console. If you are in search of a minimalist gaming headset solution—using the same dongle for wireless connection, the Inzone H9 may be worth considering.

For competitive gamers, the Sony Inzone H9 offers exceptional audio quality that can give you an edge in detecting enemies. With its 360 spatial sound technology, and high-quality 40mm drivers  you’ll be able to detect enemy footsteps with precise accuracy. This feature is especially noticeable in games like Apex Legends that feature a complex soundscape, including sounds from enemies, the environment, and other elements. During intense firefights, the 360 spatial sound allows you to distinguish sounds based on different characters in the game.

INZONE H9 features dedicated buttons for enabling ANC, Bluetooth mode and features a USB C port for charging. (Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma)

Games Like God of War Ragnarok Sound Glorious Using the Inzone H9 Without Compromising on Comfort and Connectivity

While the Sony Inzone H9 headphones are geared towards esports players, they also deliver an exceptional audio experience for casual gamers playing story-driven games. I recently tested God of War Ragnarok on the PlayStation 5 and was blown away by the level of immersion the H9 provided.

The headphones take advantage of the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, allowing me to hear even the smallest of audio cues such as wind blowing and echoes in enclosed spaces that were previously missing. This added level of immersion elevates the gaming experience to new heights. Yes, like most gaming headphones, the Inzone H9, too, prioritizes low-frequency sounds associated with explosive actions in modern video games.

During my recent gaming sessions, I was able to immerse myself in different realms for hours without experiencing any discomfort around my ears, thanks to the headset’s superior comfort. They weigh 330g, and honestly, the weight distribution has been so good that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing big, gaming headphones. If anything, I find them much more comfortable than Sony’s Pulse 3D. Yes, they retail for much less, but that’s something I wanted to point out. The boom microphone is also well-designed, featuring a convenient retractable function to easily turn it on or off. The mic input is impressive, with clear and crisp voice quality that rivals even my standalone condenser microphone.

(Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma)

The Sony Inzone H9 offers dual connectivity options, either through Bluetooth or the included 2.4GHz dongle, err..receiver. And, that means you can use them on a wide range of devices—including your phone, Nintendo Switch or whatever you deem appropriate. 

Battery Life and ANC: Strikes a Good Balance

The Sony Inzone H9 headset promises an impressive battery life of around 30 hours, making it a reliable choice for extended gaming sessions. Although, it should be noted that when the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature is turned on, the battery life does decrease by about 7-8 hours. However, if you are in a noisy environment and desire a distraction-free gaming experience, the built-in ANC is a valuable feature that effectively blocks out unwanted sounds. This makes the trade-off of reduced battery life well worth it for the enhanced gaming experience.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on the Inzone H9 is truly impressive. It effectively muffled external sounds such as traffic noise, my air purifier, and other household distractions. I tested it during a flight from Jaipur to Delhi, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it blocked out the ambient noise on the plane. Although it may not be on par with something like Sony’s own WH-1000XM5, it still does an exceptional job for a gaming headset.

What’s Missing Is a Feature That We Took for Granted

While I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Sony Inzone H9, my main issue with them is the lack of a wired connectivity option. Despite the increasing popularity of wireless headphones and earbuds, I still believe that they are consumable products. Once the battery deteriorates, the only option is to replace it, which can be a hassle. So, when investing close to thirty thousand in a gaming headset, the absence of a wired option is surprising.

It should be a standard feature in all wireless headphones, gaming or not. Having a wired option comes in handy when the battery runs out and also provides a backup in cases where wireless connectivity is not available, such as with an Xbox controller. In my opinion, and that of many others I know, wired connectivity is a non-negotiable feature.

With that said, the Sony Inzone H9 remains a highly recommended choice for PS5 and PC gamers who are looking to invest in a top-notch gaming headset around the Rs 30,000 price range. These headphones offer exceptional performance and features, making them a standout option in the gaming headset market.

INZONE H9 features an adjustable band. (Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma)

Verdict: Grab One if You Need One

Retailing at around Rs. 27990, the Inzone H9 is an expensive but smart investment for anyone looking to elevate their gaming experience. The headset excels in nearly every aspect that makes a great gaming headset, making it a top choice for players. If you are truly committed to improving your gaming routine, the Sony Inzone H9 is well worth the investment.

Mr. Grey agrees. (Image: News18/ Shaurya Sharma)

In fact, the headset can be now found in sales for around Rs 20,000, and for that price, there’s no better pair you can buy right now. The seamless connectivity with PS5 and PC is simply remarkable. 

I would place the Sony Inzone H9 in the rare category of premium gaming headsets that truly justify their price. Highly recommended!

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