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Scammers Now Using Advanced Tech On Calls To Dupe People: Here’s How – News18

Last Updated: October 10, 2023, 17:51 IST

People are getting calls which can be dangerous to your bank accounts

One simple phone call and you won’t even realise that the scammer has your banking and personal information.

Many people have fallen victim to the recent spurt of Telegram scam that helps people earn money simply by liking videos every day. Most of these victims have been preyed on through apps like WhatsApp and Telegram but now they are evolving and worryingly enough, these scams are now happening through regular phone calls.

That’s right, scammers are now using advanced computerised voice to dupe callers and coerce them into joining these programs to like videos in their past time. They already have your mobile numbers as the calls made via WhatsApp also need those details but this is the first time we’re seeing these ‘Like video’ scams being pushed through regular calls.

Telcos in the country have talked about using AI to block spam calls but the effect of those changes haven’t been felt so far and now, facing scammers through network calls is going to pose more issues for the operators.

The ‘Like Video’ Scam Through Phone Call: How It Works

The victim gets a normal looking call on their phone with a random name alerted on the caller ID. You answer the phone and hear a person’s voice in a computerised tone which should ring the alarm bells right away. If you take the call forward and reply to the person, they will tempt you into earning thousands of rupees just by liking a video. The scam then proceeds through multiple steps which means people have earned a couple of hundred bucks for their efforts.

The scammer will ask for your banking details like UPI ID and say that they will pay the money into the account. However, gradually you will notice their operation change and tell the victim to send some money which will be blocked till the final payment is made. People have fallen for this scam quite a few times this year and the scammers moving to voice calls would make it even harder for people to guess if the caller is real or someone looking to steal money from them.

Should You Be Worried?

The simple answer for this would be yes and no. Yes, because, calling scams for a lay person can be hard to differentiate and even identify if they are being duped. But in the off chance that you do answer a call from these scammers, make sure you don’t disclose any personal or banking details, which could prove to be dangerous and result in losing money from your account.

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