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Samsung Now Joins Google To Troll Apple Over RCS Messages – News18

Apple’s iMessage remains without RCS support.

Apple has been time and again been at the receiving end for not implementing RCS in iMessage, and Samsung is the latest company to call it out.

As popular as Apple’s iMessage feature is, it is equally criticized by brands and users on the other end of the chain—the ones with the green bubbles (Android). This criticism arises because the brand has failed to adopt the RCS messaging standard—which needlessly separates Android and iOS users when it comes to text communication.

Now, Samsung has joined brands like Google in calling out Apple on the same issue. It posted a funny short video titled ‘Green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together.’ The video shows a chat between two entities discussing why the blue bubble’s parents (Apple) wants to keep them divided and what green bubbles ever did to blue bubbles.

For those unaware, RCS is a messaging standard by Google meant to be a universal standard for messaging—replacing SMS without the need for carriers. But so far, Apple has been tight-lipped about implementing the same.

With that said, Apple’s iMessage is exclusive to Apple devices, and implementing RCS would mean it won’t have the same exclusivity it currently enjoys. So, it remains to be seen if Apple will ever implement RCS for iMessage.

It would be interesting to see if the EU intervenes, just as it did when forcing Apple to finally adopt USB-C with the iPhone 15 series. The EU could reportedly be assessing whether iMessage qualifies as a significant enough service to warrant the same treatment.

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