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Samsung Is Making Its Mixed Reality Headset With Help From Android And Qualcomm


Last Updated: February 02, 2023, 16:59 IST

Samsung, Qualcomm and Google working on some big

Samsung, Qualcomm and Google working on some big

The company is building its own XR headset that is likely to use Android as the software and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip to power the device.

Samsung is a giant in the smartphone arena and has been looking to change its fortunes with laptops recently. Now, the South Korean brand has confirmed its plans to have a mixed Reality (XR) headset in the near future, for which it is seeking expertise from Qualcomm and Android.

Samsung launched the new Galaxy S23 phones and the Galaxy Book3 Pro laptops but on the sidelines of the event, the company had top executives from Qualcomm and Android sharing the update of this product development. We still don’t know the name of its product but we can speculate that Samsung will power this headset on Android and use Qualcomm’s XR hardware to run the device.

Google has been working on a new version of Android that is compatible with devices like these, and we believe Samsung could be one of the partners using this platform for its upcoming product. Mixed Reality is being dubbed as the next big focus for the tech industry, and Apple is rumoured to be working in this space, with a product expected later this year as per reports.

Mixed reality is a mix of virtual and augmented reality but you would still need a headset to get the best results. Having said that, making it AR-ready means you could also have them working through the smartphones.

Samsung will be hoping that partnering with the likes of Qualcomm and Android delivers a successful model that helps them build a product that not only makes its way to the market but also becomes a viable option for buyers.

Many brands have tried rushing their product development and failed to make a mark. Samsung will want to avoid those prospects and only come out with a product when it is ready – both on the hardware and software side. Either way, we are eager to see what comes out of this partnership and if the new Android version makes a better case than it has done on tablets and wearables over the years.

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