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Samsung Confirms It Aspires To Make Foldable Tablets: All Details – News18

Last Updated: August 18, 2023, 14:10 IST

Samsung has foldable tablets in its roadmap

Samsung already has become a leader in the foldable smartphone segment but it doesn’t want to stop there.

Samsung is the undisputed foldable champion now that it has launched five-gen products in the market, both fold and flip models. But the South Korean brand has seemingly gone easy with its design approach in the past few years, allowing other brands to catch up. Now, Samsung claims to be working on other plans with foldables, because it is part of human history.

The details of this futuristic product have been shared by TM Roh in a recent interview. Roh believes that tablets can be a very good product category where the company can apply the foldable form factor, reminiscent of people folding books and notebooks for different purposes.

He also explains the reason behind Samsung making so many foldable products and how they like the form factor for its portability and compactness when you close (or fold) the device.

Roh also points out that Samsung is investing a lot of resources into developing such a device (foldable tablet) but he didn’t have a concrete timeline for the launch of this unique product. Foldables have definitely gone beyond phones and you have brands like Lenovo and Asus bringing new foldable notebooks that have surely caught the eye.

With Google launching its own Pixel foldable and promising to make Android compatible with big screen devices, it is imperative that Samsung relies on the mobile OS for its upcoming foldable tablet, which is likely to be part of the Galaxy Z series as per reports. The product is unlikely to be considered in the affordable segment, just as we have seen with other foldable devices.

Roh has usually been candid about the company’s plans, and earlier he had talked about the decision to replace the Galaxy Note lineup with an all-new Galaxy S Ultra model with S Pen support, which did come to fruition 12 months down the line. We are hoping to hear more about the foldable tablet in the near future, especially with the likes of Apple expected to enter the fray with its own version of iPad in the coming years.

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