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Reports Says iOS 17 Glitch Shuts Down iPhones Automatically: What You Need To Know

New Delhi: Numerous iPhone models are apparently having a persistent issue that is affecting an increasing number of Apple customers. Recently, iPhones have started turning off by themselves during the night.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, iPhones have recently displayed strange behavior. Although there are no obvious performance issues, according to HT Tech, these devices are shutting down on their own for protracted periods of time at night. (Also Read: ALERT For Android Users! Government Issues Cautions To THESE Smartphone Users; Yours On The List? Check)

According to reports, Zac Hall from 9to5Mac revealed a situation in which his iPhone 15 Pro Max, running iOS 17.0.3, appeared to shut down overnight. (Also Read: Dare To Devour? Delhi Vendor Offers Rs 1 Lakh Prize For Eating THESE Egg Omelettes)

He claims that the battery data, which showed an interruption from midnight to three in the morning, is the key piece of proof. It is important to note that the new iPhone 15 series is not the only cause of this problem. 

Nathan Lessage stated, “My iPhone just turned itself off between roughly 3 AM and 7 AM,” on the iOS subreddit. When my alarm went off, I discovered that I had to re-enter my SIM pin and that it needed help to exit the sleep focus. 

According to reports, another person wrote, “Same with me last night also. The first time I utilized Standby mode on my 14 Pro Max was at night, and when I woke up briefly in the middle of the night, I saw that it had turned off and was once again displaying the lock screen. I had to enter my password once again to log in. 

It is crucial to understand that, although Apple has not yet offered an official explanation, it is highly likely that this issue is related to an iOS 17 bug, which could affect battery usage statistics or cause iPhones to shut down automatically for extended periods of time.

The steps below can be used to check if your iPhone actually turned off overnight: Select Battery from the Settings menu, then hit the “Last 24 hours” option. Your battery consumption information for the previous 24 hours will be shown on the chart.


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