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Reddit Confirms It Was Hacked, No User Data Exposed


Last Updated: February 10, 2023, 20:37 IST

Reddit had a data breach this week

Reddit had a data breach this week

Reddit was alerted about the hack by its employee and was quick to restrict the attacker’s access to its systems.

Reddit has admitted that it was hacked this week and claimed that it was a ‘sophisticated phishing’ attack targeting its employees. Reddit shared this update and details of the breach via a post. The social platform mentioned that the hacking incident was reported on February 5 where the security of Reddit’s systems were breached.

Having said that, Reddit assured that the user database has not been exposed in the hack attempt but the hackers have managed to gain access to some internal documents, code and some internal business systems, Reddit mentioned in this post.

Further detailing the nature of the hack, Reddit highlighted that the phishing attack was targeted at Reddit employees coercing them into clicking on the link to a website that was a clone to Reddit’s internal gateway. It seems some of the employees fell into the trap and allowed the hackers to penetrate into the internal systems, thereby getting hold of the company data.

Reddit once again tries to convince people that it has not seen any evidence to suggest that user data was also exposed in the breach. And most of the data leaked includes limited information about hundreds of company contacts and employees. Reddit has undertaken a complete analysis of the breach after the employee alerted them to the possible intrusion from bad actors.

The security team managed to quickly close the loophole and ensure there was limited damage to its systems. The security team first blocked the attacker’s access to the systems and then initiated its own enquiry into the incident, which has come out with the aforementioned details.

The fact that some employee data has been compromised means the hackers might try to attack the systems by targeting the victims, sending them more phishing mails that can be used to steal their data and probably money as well. Reddit has advised all its users to apply two-factor authentication to keep their accounts secure.

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