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Payments Will Soon Be Available On X For Users: All Details – News18

Last Updated: September 22, 2023, 10:25 IST

X is bringing payments, hiring and video calls

The Musk-owned platform is likely to bring all the new features under the subscription service which costs Rs 900 per month for users in India

Elon Musk wasn’t kidding when he said that X, formerly Twitter will be a whole new platform with new features. The company has already confirmed that audio calls and live videos are coming to X and now we can also tell you that payments will also be available on the micro-blogging platform in the coming months.

The teaser for payments on X was shared by Linda Yaccarino, CEO, of X through a video called Global Town Square which not only shows us a glimpse into the upcoming features on X but also hints at the changing dynamic of a platform which is not just about putting out posts any more and will cater to a lot more.

The video here in this post shows us features like video calls, debating with other people through Spaces, and even paying for the cake your friend got for the group. That’s right, soon, payments will be possible on X, and it is likely that X will allow you to integrate bank cards or even UPI ID (in India) with other people on the platform.

She even hinted that X will bring job profiles for users and also give them the option to buy their favourite sneakers through the platform itself. Clearly, Musk and Co. have been planning something big for X and these changes will ensure that nobody even remembers Twitter for what it offered.

Having said that, it is likely that X will bring most of these features under a paid tier in the form of X Blue which comes for Rs 900 per month if you are paying through the mobile X app. Those using the Web X version can get X Blue for Rs 650 per month. However, X also gives you an annual billing option, which brings the total price to Rs 9,400 with some discount.

Recently, Musk has talked about bringing a paywall structure for all the X (formerly Twitter) users. What this basically means is that X could become a paid platform for anyone who wants to use it. Musk’s reasons for bringing this drastic change are linked to the massive bot influx on X, which he believes when people are asked to pay for the service will reduce the influence of bots on the platform. He did mention that, unlike the X Premium subscription, the platform will have a lower tier pricing for all the users.

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