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OnePlus Teases Foldable Phone, Coming Later This Year


Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 08:00 IST

OnePlus will have its own foldable device soon. (image for representation)

OnePlus will have its own foldable device soon. (image for representation)

OnePlus has been rumoured to be working on foldable products and now the company has confirmed its launch plans for 2023.

OnePlus launched the new 11 series phones, showcased its first tablet and also had some India-centric launches for the audience. But the company used the event to also talk about its upcoming products, which includes the OnePlus 11 Concept that will be part of the company’s lineup at the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC 2023) in Barcelona later this month.

In addition to this, OnePlus finally confirmed its ambitions in the foldable segment, and the company’s teaser showed us what’s to come later this year. OnePlus confirmed that its foldable device will be coming in Q3 2023.

The development more or less confirms the recent leaks which hinted at the names of the OnePlus foldable phones that could be the OnePlus V Fold and the OnePlus V Flip, which basically means you have the Fold version and a Flip version like Samsung and Oppo have shown in the past few years. OnePlus has reportedly filed a trademark for these names. Oppo has launched the Find N2 Fold and Find N2 Flip which could be the main source of product design for OnePlus.

OnePlus making a foldable device hardly comes as a surprise, since its parent company, Oppo has already worked on two-gen devices so far. OnePlus is expected to borrow the design and probably the features from the existing models and add its unique touch wherever possible.

OnePlus will have to plan for a different market focus with its foldables, giving it the chance to compete in a nascent segment. We’ll have to wait for the next few months to hear more about the foldables from the company, which shouldn’t be surprising with OnePlus and its product marketing strategy over the years, where it shows the product and talks about its design in the open building up to the launch.

We saw something similar with the OnePlus 11 series and the other products unveiled by the company this week.

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