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Microsoft’s Chat GPT vs Google’s Bard: Check Out Major Differences Between New AI Bots Here


ChatGPT has become the buzz of the town since its inception. Additionally, the responses are fairly similar to what you would receive from a human. Not only that the popular artificial intelligence chatbot, has become the fastest to reach 100 million users in just two months after launching, according to analysts. Many people were debating that it will soon surpass Google as the dominant player in the market but Google is here with a similar software, a brand-new chatbot tool called Bard in an apparent effort to take on the popular ChatGPT. 

The development was first reported by CEO Sundar Pichai during an earnings call a few days before the release. In a blog post, Alphabet and the CEO of Google announced that starting on Monday, “trusted testers” will have access to Bard. 

AI-powered chatbots have become a popular way for businesses to interact with customers, Language-based models have altered the way humans work, and AI-powered chatbots have become a popular way for businesses to communicate with clients. Open AI’s Chat GPT, a potent language-based model that was created and has since altered the digital world.

Chat GPT vs Google Bard: Major Differences

– ChatGPT is working on GPT3 whereas Bard is focusing on the LaMDA language model. AI chatbots are trained using language models using probability and statistics. Where the two chatbots get their knowledge from is a significant difference.

– Though both Bard and Chat GPT are language-based conversational AI models, there are key differences in their design and intended use. Bard gets its information directly from the Internet, unlike ChatGPT, which gets it from the data it was trained on.

– Bard will use a material that is already available online, including data and sources. Bard will have access to the most recent date and will be able to deliver more up-to-current information, whereas Chat GPT’s knowledge is restricted to the events through 2021.

– Bard will have access to a wealth of data and be integrated with Google’s search engine, providing it an advantage over Chat GPT, which is supported by Microsoft.

– While Chat GPT can make some factual mistakes and embellish stories, Google’s Bard AI is thought to give consumers more reliable information.

– Bard AI has an advantage over other AI platforms, such as Chat GPT, in terms of the depth and range of information it can access thanks to Google’s enormous data collection. 

– Bard will be able to distill difficult subjects into digestible, chitchat-worthy chunks. The goal is to spread knowledge more widely in a manner that is clear and can encourage learning in everyone, including kids. Whereas, Chat GPT creates content in response to the text prompt.

– Due to Google’s massive data gathering, Bard AI has an edge over other AI platforms like Chat GPT in terms of the breadth and scope of information it can access.

– Bard will be able to break up complex ideas into bite-sized, conversation-starting morsels. The objective is to disseminate information more widely in a way that is understandable and may inspire everyone, especially children, to learn. Chat GPT, on the other hand, produces material in response to the text prompt.

Although both Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s ChatGPT are very interesting, they both require careful handling because this is a field of technology that could have far-reaching effects.


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