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Kissing Device: Now Long Distance Couples Can Share Virtual Intimate Moments

New Delhi: Over the past few years, there has been a significant transformation in technology. Technology drives each and every sector. As a result, a few years ago, nobody imagined that couples in a long-distance relationship can share virtual intimate moments. It seems that evolution is only improving at this point.

Jiang Zhongli struggled to maintain closeness with his lover while they were separated because of their long-distance relationship. They could only communicate by phone because of the distance. (Also Read: “Dear SBI User…:” Are You Also Getting This SMS? Check Truth About SBI Fake Message Scam)

During this time, Zhongli developed a novel strategy to deal with the difficulties faced by long-distance couples. A technology enabling couples to share virtual intimate moments motivated him to create it. (Also Read: PM-KISAN 13th Installment: Farmers Of This State To Get Rs 2,000 on Feb 27- Check Name on Beneficiary List)

Zhongli’s efforts have produced a device that has generated buzz on Chinese social media. The “kissing device” was created by a Chinese institution and is known by this name.

The device can imitate the pressure, movement, and temperature of a user’s lips since it has “silicone lips,” pressure sensors, and actuators. The gadget can simulate a real kiss, according to the China-based Global Times.

The kissing gadget is promoted as a way for distant couples to experience “genuine” physical connection. Chinese social media users are talking about gadgets, with many expressing surprise and intrigue at the same time. Many people who are in long-distance relationships are interested in the item since it can transmit the user’s sound and recreate the motion of kissing.

To transmit a kiss, users must download a mobile app and put a device into their phone’s charging port. After uniting with their lovers via the app, couples can start a video conference and send recordings of their smooches to one another.

The response on the Internet was swift. One of them brought up how the concept had been presented in a Big Bang Theory episode. Introducing the “kissing machine” “to Raj and Leonard. Leonard argued against doing it, but Raj stepped forward and did. “I’m astonished. This is extremely realistic “said he.

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