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iPhone SE 4 Could Get iPhone 14-Like Design, 48MP Camera And More – News18

Last Updated: September 29, 2023, 14:10 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

The Apple iPhone SE 4 will feature a USB-C port. (Image Source: MacRumors)

iPhone SE series has not got a major design upgrade for years but now Apple is ready to push the level and make it like iPhone 14.

iPhone SE 4 is not likely to launch before 2025 as per reports but Apple could make big changes for its next SE model in the market. We have been hearing stories about a new-look iPhone SE variant for a few years now but that could finally become a reality with the iPhone SE 4 in 2025.

As highlighted by MacRumors in its report, the new iPhone SE 4 could borrow its design from the iPhone 14 series, making it taller and more modern than all the iPhone SE models launched so far. Apple clearly needs a new strategy to continue with the iPhone SE lineup and what better way than to upgrade the internals and change its looks?

iPhone SE 4 Launch in 2025: What To Expect

The report mentions that the iPhone SE 4 will have a taller screen, a wide notch like the iPhone 14 model which means you can finally expect to see Face ID tech on the SE model. The company is expected to bring the A15 or even the A16 chip under the hood which will keep it relevant for many years and give you flagship-like performance. Apple could be forced to make some intriguing changes, which include bringing the iPhone SE 4 with USB-C charging as the new EU rule demands from 2024 onwards.

The company could also offer the Action button on the iPhone SE 4 which suggests the new button will be trickling down to all the models with the iPhone 16 series next year. The upgrades don’t end there.

The iPhone SE 4 should also be getting the 48MP rear camera from the iPhone 15 series, which means you could have not one, but two cameras at the back in 2025. And yes, it is time to end the LCD journey for Apple altogether, as we get the first OLED-totting iPhone SE model when it launches next.

All these upgrades and changes will not only entice people into upgrading or moving from Android but also enable Apple to increase the price of the iPhone SE 4 model, which retails at around Rs 50,000 in markets like India, which is already quite high. But with these changes, that price tag could start making sense for many.

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