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iPhone 15 USB C Port Can Charge Another iPhone: Here’s How – News18

Last Updated: September 21, 2023, 13:26 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

Apple’s iPhone 15 series gets USB Type-C, replacing Lightning.

iPhone 15 gets the USB C charging port which supports features like power delivery that makes the new iPhone quite useful.

The new iPhone 15 series is the first to come with a USB C charging port, as Apple complies with the new EU ruling. But unlike reports, the company is going to sell the USB-C iPhones in all its markets. We’ve already told you that moving to USB C doesn’t mean the iPhones will charge faster now like Android phones but still, the change has its benefits, quite a few of them.

Recently, it was mentioned that the USB C on iPhone 15 series models can let you charge AirPods and Apple Watch in the wired mode by default, something that iPads with USB-C ports also offer.

But did you know that the iPhone 15 USB C port can charge another iPhone? That’s right, it won’t matter if you have an iPhone with a lightning connector or the new iPhone 15, both of them will charge the moment you connect the charging cable to the USB-C port on the iPhone 15.

In a recent video of the iPhone 15, a popular YouTuber connected the USB C iPhone 15 to an iPhone with a lightning connector and straight away the iPhone was getting charged. We don’t know about the charging speed but there’s another advantage of bringing USB C to iPhones, which can now become your emergency charging solution.

The interesting part is that when you charge one iPhone 15 using another iPhone with a USB C port, it will automatically decide which iPhone needs the juice, and ensure that the one with a low battery is not running out of fuel.

However, when you plug an iPhone with a lightning connector into a USB C iPhone 15, the charge dynamics are complex and either of the iPhones can start charging each other, without knowing which model has a lower battery. The seamless charging tech on USB C is possible thanks to Power Delivery (PD) support which is equally effective while charging an Android phone using an iPhone 15 series model.

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